Blue Moon Kind of Love

 BLUE MOON KIND of LOVE (Moondance Trilogy Vol. 3)

Mrs. Mason Reid—to Maggie, it just sounds and feels right, and now that it’s hers, she wears it easy and with pride. Never mind the fact that they were in the middle of a huge fight when he basically kidnapped her and proposed . . . in the rain . . . in the middle of an old gas station parking lot. And okay, they got married a few hours later, but, hey, nothing else about their relationship has been traditional. Why would they have a traditional wedding? All shock, haste, and wedding vows on the fly aside, it was a beautiful ceremony.

They are perfect together, so everything should be roses, right? Not exactly. Not as long as there are haters among them hell-bent on destroying their lives. The struggle continues for Maggie and Mason, but they have one thing going for them—they both know their love is special. This is not the kind of love that happens every day. It’s rare, and it’s worth risking everything to protect. This is a blue moon kind of love . . .

This book is intended for a mature audience only–adult content. Available at in ebook and paperback formats.