Country Girl, City Moon

Moon 2 Cover flat FRONT 72 dpiCOUNTRY GIRL, CITY MOON (Moondance Trilogy Vol. 2)

Okay, so he lied by omission. Now that she knows the truth and why he did it, she can forgive him for that. She’s even agreed to move in with him (admittedly, a hasty decision influenced by moonlight and his irresistible kiss), but it’s too late to back out now. There’s just one enormous problem that MAGGIE DUPREE can’t seem to wrap her mind around—how in God’s name is a simple country girl supposed to fit into the life of a billionaire? She has no freaking idea how to live in his world.

Now that Maggie is back in his arms, MASON REID is damn sure of one thing—he is never letting her go again. No matter what it takes, he will prove to her that his money is not a problem. He just has to get her used to the lifestyle, that’s all—both the good and the bad.

Their love is all-consuming, passionate, a once in a blue moon kind of love, but is it strong enough to survive the challenges of a life together and the jealousy of others?

This book is intended for a mature audience only–adult content. Available at in ebook and paperback formats.