Moondance in Red

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MOONDANCE IN RED (Moondance Trilogy Vol. 1)

MAGGIE DUPREE can’t understand why God hates her. So she’s stubborn, she curses—a lot, and maybe she plays too many practical jokes on her best friend. Nobody’s perfect. Nothing she has done should warrant the hell she received by marrying Jacob Greene. But the fiasco of her failed marriage taught her one valuable lesson: men can’t be trusted—especially the good ol’ boy types growing in abundance in her home town. With new-found independence, she resolves to remain single. There’s just one major kink in her plan.

Gorgeous and arrogant billionaire MASON REID has no trouble getting women and no desire to keep them. Thanks to a hard lesson learned from one vicious little gold-digger, he hasn’t had a meaningful relationship in two years. With no way to be sure if women want him or the money, he’s content with an easy routine of one-night-stands—that is, until he meets Maggie Dupree. 

Neither can deny the intense attraction at their chance meeting, and once Mason becomes the target of Maggie’s spirited foul-mouthed rant, all bets are off. He concludes two things: one, he must have her and two, he doesn’t want her to know about his money. 

This book is intended for a mature audience only–adult content. Available at in ebook and paperback formats.

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